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This website is a how to of marketing strategies and tactics for a cam model.   I am a consumer of the product and have been for many years, so I have a fair understanding of how most things work on cam sites.  I have put in hundreds of hours studying models and how things work.  Also I have a degree in marketing and have spent my working life marketing brand names for a living.
Marketing for a cam model is no different to marketing any other brand name.  Admittedly the product is different and marketing strategies and tactics need to be modified.  A lot of what is discussed in this website is about models working smarter for a greater income.
This led me to communicate with certain models and offer small tips to improve their results.  Then it got bigger and I started charging for my services.  This was the foundation that led to this website.

Who Do I Work With

I categorise models into one of three groups
Those who make things happen
Those who watch things happen
Those who wonder what happened
I am interested in working with the doers (group #1), because these are the models that can become successful.  They are the ones that will work hard to build their brand name.
There is a lot of useful information within this website and it is a great resource as a "how to" manual for cam models.
This website has been prepared with good karma to make it easy to use at a reasonable price.  Do not create bad karma by sharing it with others without payment.  Bad karma has a way of biting you back.

Happy and Successful Marketing
P.S.  A special thank you to those models who gave and still give me their valuable time to assist me in keeping this website up to date.  Thank You.

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