Things Not To Do

1.  Most tippers do not like negative models.  There are some that do for whatever reason, but they are a small group.

2.  In the majority though if a model is complaining about not getting enough tips and keeps on about the issue non stop it will turn off tippers and especially new potential tippers. Do not be negative.  Complaining about poor tips or continually begging for tips.  Complaining depresses tippers and usually results in tippers ending up in a poor mood.  The more a model complains the less likely she is to get tips.  All the complaining has a tendency to impact the mood of everyone causing tippers not to tip and frequently leave the models cam looking for someone who is not complaining. In the end all the model does by complaining is defeat the purpose of complaining. 
Remember - Perception is reality.

3.  If a tipper thinks a model is in a bad cranky mood, he is more likely to go elsewhere.

4.  Do not set prices way too high with no experience.  By that I mean a newbie model asking for the same amount of tokens as a established model when they are starting out.

5.  The worst mistake models make is to do nothing at all on cam.  In reality there is more to earning a tip than just sitting around waiting.  Not talking, distracted by phone texting or a TV program, no music or talking to some other person usually in a studio situation will result in very few tokens if any at all.
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