Cam Games

Some game concepts will work well on some web cam sites and the same game on another site will be a complete failure. A smart model will research well before deciding on a game to use.

Playing cam games is a good way to help build community and a way to provide tips.
The types of games that can be played are endless.  Most games are a variation from what other models play.  Researching other model’s games is a good way to select some games MaryMarks will play on her cam.
The types of games to play and the variations are almost limitless.  Here is a small listing of games to consider
Drinking games.
Card games.
Body painting.
Spinning wheel.
Naked twister.
Dice games.
Guess the number.
Raffles (all sorts of ideas).
Count up.
Count down.
Clear the board.

The Games Test

Whatever game a model chooses to play they should all pass the games test.

Games need to be easy to follow and understand. If it takes a model more than three times to explain a game while camming, then the game is too complicated.
Games need to be easy for the tippers to see.  For example, if playing card games the smart model will use good quality cards with a jumbo index (means it has large numbers making it easier for the tippers to see).
Games need to be different from another model's game.
Game props such as white boards, spinning wheels and so on must be of a high quality.

One of the things that is apparent on cam websites is if one model comes up with a game that is proving popular it is only a matter of days before other models start the same game, with a slight variation.

Make sure games pass the games test.
Cam games and variations are endless.
Select games that suit your personality.
Research - will the particular game work on your cam site.
Other research involves working out exactly the details of how the game will operate.  The devil is in the detail.

Once you have detailed how the game works, get a second opinion from someone who knows something about cam modelling to review your concept and offer advice on how to improve it.
DONT use another model as your adviser.  Does Pepsi ask Coke what they think of a new product they want to introduce?  Make no mistake you are in competition with other cam models.  All that cam models will say is yes its a good idea.  And if it is a really good idea they will modify it slightly and use it themselves.

I will review your concept for a fee, but be aware I will not sugar coat my replies if I think there are serious problems with your concept.
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