Test for Successful Characteristics

Below is a self test for you.  It will highlight those areas where you need to devote more time to becoming more successful.
Instructions for this exercise:

Below are a range of characteristics of successful models. As you read through each one rate how you do on each comment.  Rate them 1 to 3 where
1 is poor
2 is ok
3 is good

guess what!! Once you have completed this you will know what areas your camming needs the most help on.
IF you think by exposing your naked body on cam will make you a fortune.  Forget it, sure you might make a few dollars, but if you want to be a really successful cam model (making a good living) it requires a lot of hard work.
There are certain characteristics that all successful cam models have in common. 

The characteristics of a successful cam model includes but is not limited to:

1. Self Confidence
2. Strong desire to succeed
3. Good communicator
4. Happy on cam
5. Sense of humor
6. Knows her target market
7. Actively recruits new tippers
8. Flirts on cam with tippers
9. Smiles a lot
10. Protects tippers from freeloaders
11. Innovative cam show
12. Learns new skills such as seductive dancing or pole dancing and so on
13. Good command of the English language
14. Has fun
15. Never scams a tipper
16. Never talks about or sledges another model for being fake and so on
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