Build Community

A model only has a few seconds to impress tippers surfing.  Tippers want to find a cam where the model is interesting and not just sitting there in silence.
Communication is vital.  What separates successful from unsuccessful is that they know communication with tippers is the path to success.
As a model who wants to become a super model, building a team and cam community will help to speed up the process.  A cam with a team of quality tippers that regularly visit creates a sense of community.  This community feel to a model's cam establishes a stream of tokens.
Visiting a model's cam that is a community makes it more fun for a tipper.  If he likes the community there is a good chance he will join in.

Returning tippers bring with them recurring tips.
The more tippers the model has in her community the more likely tips will flow.
The model's goal is to get a constant flow of new tippers watching her cam as well as maintaining the relationship with existing tippers.
Building the community will not happen overnight, it can take weeks or months to build.  This process will take time and the key to success is communicating with tippers. 
Remember, Perception is reality.  If tippers think a model is fun, then she is.  If tippers think a model's cam is boring then she is.  A model has to create the perception of a fun and entertaining camming environment.
To build community a model needs one important thing, tippers.


Focusing on her cam is very important for a model’s success.  Being distracted by (phone calls from friends, watching TV), or sending lots of private messages, texting and social media updates will make potential tippers leave, because they will feel like they will not get any attention.

Really Happened. I was looking at a cam of a model I had not seen before.  She was asking for tips.  When I clicked on her cam she was busy on her phone and looked totally bored with the whole thing.  She kept asking for tokens every now and then. Guess how many tokens she made?  Yes absolutely ZERO.

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