Equipment Needed

It is much easier to get tipped with a good cam and good equipment


Buy one that has powerful processing speed and will suit your needs for camming.  Probably the best thing to do is talk to a computer geek to help you make a choice.  As the business develops you will need more computers.  A backup machine is needed in case the main one fails.

Web Camera

Since camming is the heart of the business buy the absolute best and with a remote control for zooming.  Make sure autofocus can be turned off.
A HD quality cam is best.  Become familiar with the settings of the cam.  Do not leave settings on default, experiment and getting it working better.  Sometimes changing some settings will actually produce a better cam view.  High quality camming is made possible by high quality equipment.  A backup cam is needed in case of failure.
Install many cams software or similar software.  Using a program like many cams allows the model to put up a copyright comment, use special effects with her cam and use the text features of many cams to promote a specific thing like " privates on". Experiment with the software.

High Speed Internet

Get the fastest speed possible from the selected internet provider. If you use wifi ensure that the signal from the router (internet box) to your computer is a strong signal, if not buy an extender or wifi amplifier.  keeping the router as high off the floor as you can will improve the wifi signal to your computer.
Most laptops and stand-alone web cameras come with a microphone.  Just make sure it works very well.


Effective Lighting

Google " 3 point lighting" and read what is needed and how to set up effective lighting.

Mobile / Cell Phone

Get a smart phone with front and rear camera.  This is a business phone DO NOT use it along with your personal life.  Buy a mobile /cell with a separate number for the business.  Some phones have dual sim cards, but a separate phone is the better way to go.

Social Media

Create Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, blog and any new or fad social media with the model ID.  Even if the model does not intend to use a particular social media it is still a good idea to register her model ID.  Stops anyone else using that name and in the future the model may decide to use that particular social media service.  More details regarding social media are outlined in a later section.


Register a website with the model ID as the name.  The model may or may not want to have their own website but by registering a domain name, no other model or organisation will be able to use that model name based on the country code.  There can only be one  Before you commit to buying a domain name you have to be certain the ID you are currently using will not change often.

Create a Research Account

Create an account for research purposes.  Never share this ID with anyone.  This is purely an account to use for researching.  To communicate with others (but not on the model ID) open another account for that purpose.
Toys can add to the spice of camming.  Tippers are more likely to follow models that use sex toys.  If models use more exotic types of toys then they will get a larger following.  By exotic I mean sex toys that are not your common daily ones and generally they are expensive in comparison.
Sex toys are an advantage and with the competition for online camming, every advantage can be a great help. A sex toy is an asset that can improve profits.  Investing in more and better toys from time to time is an investment for future success.
How much and how often toys are used comes back to personality, attitude and more importantly the marketing strategy employed.

Lingerie, Toys and Props for Games

All these items must be of a high standard.
As a professional model avoid and do not use
Lingerie that is dirty, has holes or looks cheap.
Sex toys that are faulty, or just do not work.
Cheap props that will break easily on cam or are just plain inferior quality.
Not everyone can afford to buy all the stuff outlined above straight away.  Think of this section as your future shopping and prioritise  which items you need to buy first based on your camming style.  Nothing is more important than cam quality on a camming site.  Models who know the ins and outs of their cam have an advantage. Use the best equipment to earn the most.  Good equipment = good tips,  nasty cheap equipment = poor tips


Sex Toys

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