Goal Setting

If you do not have a goal to aim for how will you ever know if you have been successful.
It is important to have income goals to keep you motivated as a self-employed web cam model.
Setting a goal can be calculated in many different ways.
Whatever goal you set it has to be realistic and attainable.
There is no point to pie in the sky dreaming because you won’t ever achieve it.
Staring out as a new model working out a realistic and attainable goal will be more challenging.

How to Calculate a Goal

There are many ways you can work out a goal.  For example,
1.0  Base it on how much you were earning in a previous job.  As you gain experience and a following set a higher goal as cam modeling should allow you to earn more than a regular job.

2.0  Base it on a budget.  That is work out all your expenses and then have a based goal to cover all your expenses.

You can base your goal on an actual dollar value or you can base it on the number of tokens.
The more experience you have camming the better you will be able to calculate a realistic and attainable goal.

Here is how MaryMarks works out her goal and the process she employs to attain it.
MaryMarks has set a goal of 12,000 tokens per week.
Mary can cam for 4 days a week, 5 hours a day (not necessarily 5 hours straight), based on her current lifestyle and family commitments.
She needs to break down the goal into more manageable and easier to calculate targets during camming.
At 4 days a week she needs to earn 3000 tokens a day
Camming a total of 5 hours a day she needs to earn 600 tokens per hour.
Hence her target per hour is 600 tokens and she can monitor how well she is doing based on her target per hour.

If she makes more than 600 tokens in the first hour it does not mean she should just relax, she needs to make as much as she can because some days 600 an hour might be harder to make.  Let’s say Mary has been camming for 1 hour and has earnt 750 tokens, she will be above her target (goal) and feeling happy.
If after 2 hours she has earnt a small number of tokens of around 200 tokens she has to realize that it’s a bad day and she could be better off logging off and coming back later.  The break time could be better used making a new video for sale.

Mary knows that some days tipping is poor.  Not all tippers have money available every day.  But Mary knows coming back tomorrow at her usual time will most likely result in better tokens the next day.  She has to aim for her 3000 tokens for the day PLUS make up the shortfall for yesterday.  Therefore her goal today will be higher.  The secret is to come back the next day and forget yesterday.

Also if Mary has an exceptionally good day way above her 3000 tokens , she knows the next day she will still have to aim for her usual 3000 tokens and not take it easy.  As a self-employed person, you make as much as you can when you can.

The success of goal setting and profitability by a cam model it to appreciate that every dollar you earn from tokens) has a specific objective to fulfil.  For example, the first 6000 tokens a week is used to pay the rent.  It is for no other purpose.  If Mary has an exceptionally good week its ok to spend a little on something to spoil herself as a reward.  Also, as a smart cam model mary knows to put away some money for emergencies.  As a self-employed person no one gives you free money when you are too ill to cam

This information is based on a goal while camming.  The actual overall weekly goal could be higher if a model has videos for sale and so on.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

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