How to Use

Best Way To Read and Use the Website

The best way to use this website and get the maximum value from it is to study each section in turn.  It has been designed to take a model down as logical a path as possible to market her brand name.
Ensure you have pen and paper (or whatever note taking processes you use) to make notes as well as answering questions posed, to do list requests and questionnaires to complete.
Within the website are coloured sections to draw attention.  These coloured sections are:

Really Happens / Happened - these are anecdotal evidence of things that have really happened
To Do tasks are challenges set for the model to complete.
Things to remember draws attention to important information.
Important note is used to draw attention to specific relevance of information.

"Scripts are an example of how to explain something relevant.  They are examples and the model should modified them to her own style of speaking. Avoid having it sound like a rehearsed speech".

Who will Gain the Most

The type of models that will gain the most from this website generally fall into one of the following categories
I am reasonably new to camming and I could do with some help to point me in the right direction.
I have been camming for a several months, however I am not getting the results I was expecting.
I am doing OK but I feel that I could earn even more if I modify some of the things I am doing, but what things should I change?
This website is NOT for a model who
Is camming to make a fast buck and no other reason.
Believes that her attractive appearance and sensational body is all she needs to make mega bucks camming.
Is looking for shortcuts to success


There are a range of descriptions to explain the people on a cam website, such as visitors, chatters and so on.  For the purposes of this website the term used will be tippers so as to differentiate them from other visitors to a cam site.  Tippers ultimately are the ones that provide a model with income.

Who is MaryMarks ?

Throughout this website I make reference to my fictional cam model - MaryMarks.
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