A successful model views her camming as a business.  It can be part time or full time.  A model's ID (e.g. MaryMarks) is the brand name to be marketed.  For the brand to be successful it has to be effectively marketed to tippers.
To break that down further, everything a model does for her business must be aimed at satisfying what tippers are looking for.  All this effort is ultimately aimed at making a profit.  Marketing is used to build the models brand name, that is her model ID.
To market the brand (Mary Marks) there are a number of marketing concepts that need to be understood and adopted

Marketing Research

The most valuable aspect for a model is to research everything that impacts on her business.  A model that wants to build her business knows that research is an ongoing task that never ends.  Research is the breakfast of a model who wants to be successful.  Throughout this website are examples of how to research the camming market.  The information learnt through research is what ultimately leads to a model's success.

Really Happened:  One day I was surfing around, a model took a shine to my ID and starting singing it to the beat of the music she was playing. She then sent me a private message wanting to know why I entered her room, OMG the model was doing research on me!  Then she asked questions about my age, what I do for a living, OMG more research. Then I mentioned a marketing idea to her, whilst she agreed that is was a great idea, she told me her tippers were not really into computer stuff, OMG she knew about her market.

I hope you begin to see the point of research and how important it is to becoming a successful cam model.

Target Marketing

Advanced Info
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Target marketing is concentrating all marketing efforts on a specific and well defined segment within a cam website.  This is the process that takes a model from being "just another set of boobs online" to a successful cam model.  It is the process of being a big fish (model) in a small pond, rather than a small fish in a big pond.  Research will help identify if the small pond is profitable. Research will help develop the understanding of the particular market segment better.

Really Happened:  I was studying a particular model, as I did my research I discovered, she was marketing her brand name (ID) to a group of tippers that I would call discerning gentlemen (means mature as in 40 plus and with money to spend and like to be seduced by a model).  This cam model runs her cam to cater for the needs of such "gentlemen".  The language she uses is aimed at this group and all she says and does things designed to give the "gentlemen" group the type of experience they want.  Even her music selection is aimed at the 40+.  Ok the point I'm making is that this cam model has developed and honed her skill to fill the needs of a specific market.  In other words, she is the BIG fish in the small pond.

The challenge for all models is to find their target market.
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