How To Use Email Better

I am sure you know how to use email to send an email to a fan.  But when you want to send a message to all your fans, some cam models are not doing it right.  In fact, over the past two months I have received the same email from 3 different models that don’t understand how it works.
The correct way to send message all on the WebcamModel system
Before you start if there are fans you do not want to receive your emails then you use the block button alongside their name.  They will not receive your bulk email (message all)
1.  Click on the message all button at the bottom of any of your fan pages.
2.  Insert your subject heading and then insert the specific message.
3.  Once you are happy with the subject and message click on send message.
4.  WAIT do not click any other buttons. How long you will need to wait will depend on how big your fan list is.
5.  You will see a reply saying messages sent.  Every one on your fan list has now got your email.  That’s it all done.
DO NOT use the message all button on each page, because this will repeat the process and you will end up sending the same message to everyone several times.
All that is needed now is to send effective emails.  Using subject headings like “psst”, “hey you” “Additional Information,” are poor subject headings and very few emails will get opened.  In fact, if that’s the best subject heading you can come up with save your time don’t send the email.
I have put together a advanced information on how a cam model can use email effectively for better results.
The information covers
The subject line (heading)
What the actual message has to contain.  how to sell the sizzle.
How to train your fans and your top tippers to read your emails.
Advanced Info
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