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1.Self confident. Irrespective of a model's looks, body shape or whatever a self confident attitude is what makes them successful.

2. Strong desire to succeed. It is her business. A model has to be self motivated and driven to maintain a successful business.

3. Talkative and a good communicator. Tippers who want to chat to a model are looking for an escape from day to day real life issues.

4. Happy on cam. when the model is happy tippers are happy and happy tippers tip.

5. Sense of humour. Tippers always like a model with a sense of humour. Get tippers laughing and they tip more.

6. Knows her target market.  A successful model knows the type of tippers she wants to target because she has done her research. A successful model will never say her target market is everybody.

7. Actively recruits new tippers.

8. Flirts on cam with tippers.

9. Smiles a lot.  Smiling makes tippers smile too.  Happy tippers tend to tip a lot more.

10. Has a loyal list of tippers that visit her on cam again and again.  Repeat tippers are the back bone of any model's success.
Has a great cam show that tippers enjoy. The cam shows are authentic, no faking. A model is only as successful as her last cam show.

11. Has developed great sales skills to sell her other content.

12. Protects tippers with the mute and ban button. Never gets upset and reacts to comments in public chat or instant message. At times a model's patience will be tested to the limit. She knows she has to remain calm at all times.

To Do: What would you do if you just got really upset with a visitor?

13. Innovative, always trying something new, being creative with cam shows and style of reaching her target.

14. Learns new skills to improve her brand name. Learns entertaining skills like seductive dancing, the art of striptease and so on.

15. Does courses and studies English if her English needs improvement.

16. Consistent in performing on cam. Camming once a month will not make the grade.  Camming everyday can result in over exposure.  A successful model learns how much time to commit to camming.

17. Has fun. Having fun is a key ingredient to successful camming. If the model is having fun, then the tippers are having fun. When tippers are having fun they tip.

18. Does not try to pretend to be something she is not. Tippers appreciate a model more if she behaves like herself.

19. Says thank you to tippers when she can.  Sometimes during a cam show the model can not say thank you but she makes a point of tanking everyone and especially the top tippers at the end. 

20. Never calls out tippers for not tipping. She knows that some days tippers do not have tokens.

21. Never scams a tipper. She knows that that by looking after tippers she can expect tips from them into the future.  Another side effect of scamming is that tippers do talk amongst themselves discussing models that are good and bad, especially the ones that try to scam. As happens in real life, most of the discussion is on the negative ones and the scammers. Tippers are more likely to tell 10 others about a bad or scamming model and tell only 1 other tipper about a great model.

22. Never gets involved in talking or sledging another model. Not even if a particular model is verbally attacking her. She knows it is a no win situation.

Characteristics of a Successful Cam Model

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