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If you fit into one of the categories below, you SHOULD be following this site with enthusiasm

1. I am reasonably new to camming and I could do with some help to point me in the right direction.

2. I have been camming for a several months , however I am not getting the results I was expecting.

Welcome and Introduction

Find out what this site is all about and what type of cam models its suited for.

How to use this Website

See how to navigate this website and use the different colour codes to understand specific information

Test of Your Characteristics

Read about the characteristics of successful models. Do the included test to see how you measure up

More on Characteristics

Read about more characteristics with explanations

Marketing Research and Concepts

How marketing, Research and Target Marketingare used to take a model to the next level.

Advanced Marketing

Learn about some key marketing concepts that every cam model should know for continued success

Equipment to Use

Make sure to use the best equipment you can afford and how to use it to best advantage

Setting Up

The perception that a tipper has of a cammodel's work environment and therefore image is important

Building Community

Creating a community for your camming builds surfing tippers into regulars. Are you focused on teh task?

Advanced Community

How to build community and retain tippers. Create top of mind recall

Personal Types

learn to read certain types of visitorsboth good and bad. learn how to deal with them

Profile Page

Find out about the perception is reality and problems to avoid in a cam model's profile page


Learn some techniques for determining the price to charge for various things


Do you know the two main types of guys that request privates?
Learn who they are and how to cater for their needs.

Cam Games

Review a range of cam games to play.
Also learn how to do the cam games test to make sure it works to its full potential.

Success Factors

Check to make sure you have these qualities and factors sorted out for best results.

When Things Go Wrong

Eventually something will go wrong. When it does learn how to cope with it and fix it. Also, learn how to deal with dead air.

Things Not To Do

Review this list of things not to do and make sure you are not doing them.


Three important things to do as a cam model are research, research and research.

Social Media

Use social media as a promotional / advertising tool for your cammodel business.

Daily Work Flow

Learn how to record relevant things that happened in your last camming session. Use that information for analysis

Split Camming

If you want to broadcast live on more than one website at teh same time

Better Emails

Send emails the right way, first time

Goal Setting

Create goals that are realistic and attainable. Use them to measure your success.

Selling Content

Review some concepts aimed at selling other content nd thereby generating more income.

Sales Copy

Learn what it means to "sell the sizzle" for better results with your marketing efforts


Use a logo to make your ID instantly recognisable and increase awareness.

They Said

read what some cam models had to say about this website


Why it is so important to develop a target market. Much more important than a few years ago.

Target Market

A tutorial designed to help cam models develop her target market. Written in plain english,little technical jargon.

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