Make sure your panty pictures are optimized for the best result

The secret to a successful photo in the panties section is KISS (Keep It Simple Sexy)

Due to the amount of limited space available on your profile page you need to create a photo that is easy to see and understand.

I have seen some profile pages that have photos of panties that are way too busy.  Meaning the photos are too difficult to view, due to the use of some photo effect or a complicated background. The idea is to sell panties.

A potential tipper / buyer will just ignore the photos completely if he cant understand what he is looking at.

The best type of photos for panties are simple ones where the panties are the central focus of the picture.  Use a solid background colour to highlight the panties.  For example use a white or very light background for black panties and a dark background for white panties.  Make sure the background image is a solid colour with no prints or designs on it.
Do the panty test now on your profile page.  Take a look at your panty sale section.  Take an honest look imagining you are the tipper looking at these images for the first time.
Then answer this question "do my images show the panties clearly and can the tipper clearly see what is for sale?".   If you can not say YES then take corrective action.


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