Personal Types

This information is to help a model understand the various types of people that visit web cam sites  The ones to pay attention to and the ones to ignore.
Basically, all the visitors to model's cam want attention.  The model pays attention to those who tip and avoids those who do not.

Big Tipper

This kind of tipper tips large to steal the model's total attention.  A smart model pays a lot of attention to this type of tipper.  She also spends time getting to know the big tipper better

Constant Tipper

This tipper tips on a consistent basis to attract the model's attention.  He does this to attract the model’s attention and feeds off the attention to keep tipping.  A smart model pays this type of tipper attention.


A hater in most cases does not really hate the model.  Since he does not have tokens he uses this negative approach to attract the model's attention.  It is surprising how many times this approach gets the desired result.  The model's best defense is to give this type of person no attention or interest, she simply uses the ban button.  If a model shows a hater any attention she loses.

Really Happened:  A trouble maker communicated with a model and asked if the model was a tranny because her balls were showing.  She showed no reaction to the comment. The person made no further comments, because as a professional I assume she banned him.  That is the best and most professional way to handle such a situation.

Trolls (as distinct from haters)

This type aim for maximum disruption in a cam.  He talks tough behind the safety of a computer.  In real life he is probably the complete opposite.  Models pay no attention.  They use the kick / ban button.  The sooner the model bans him the better.


This type of person will tell a model that he has the contacts to hook her up with others that will help make her a lot of money.  The smart model will ask a few questions and that will usually sort him out.  This type is worth listening to briefly but a model has to decide if he is genuine.


This type wants to protect the model.  He hardly ever tips, will hang out with the model for long periods.  He will also jump to the defense of the model if anyone tries to upset her.  If this person starts to affect the community a smart model will contact this person and let him down gently, saying to calm down.  If that does not work the model would then ban him.

Deal Breaker

From a model’s perspective this is the worst type.  He wants to discuss what he will get for his tokens and for how long.  At the very last minute he will back out from the arrangement.  The smart model gives this person some attention but decides early on to end the discussion.

General Suck Up

This type of cam visitor never tips, just hangs around telling others to tip.  Usually he constantly makes requests for others to tip.  He usually manages to upset someone and a smart model will tell him to stop.

Really Happened:  I was in a model's communication along with several others when a suck up started with all the tipping requests.  The model politely said thank you but if you are not tipping then you should not ask others to tip.  He left.  Others including me were impressed by how she handled the situation.
With the constant calls for attention from a model she has to be efficient and make some snap calls as to personality type she is dealing with and take the appropriate action.

A model's time is a precious commodity share it with tippers, not non tippers.
A smart model never responds to the requests of a non tipper, only tippers.
Use the ban button to protect the community.

To Do: Rate your efficiency in dealing with tippers and non tippers.
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