Profile Page Enhancements

As I have mentioned before the profile page is the number one selling tool that any committed cam model should use.  When I say profile page it could be the profile page related to website, a blog, vlog, web page or a full website.

The type and level of information available for a standard profile page varies greatly from one cam site to another.  The type of profile page available on WebcamModelling is rather basic.

A smart cam model knows that the profile page needs a great selling tool to promote her business.  By that I mean a smart cam model knows that she needs something more and will develop a blog, vlog, social media outlet, external webpage or a full-blown website.  With the relevant solution being linked on the profile page of WebcamModelling.

If you are comfortable and have the time to design your own additional profile selling tool, then I would strongly recommend that you create one.

If you do not want to do that, then an option is to use an external design source. 

I have created a sample webpage, that can be modified / altered to a cam models requirement.  The more elaborate a design the more expensive.
As you will see it is more a selling tool that the current profile page.  I would also suggest that you fill out details on the current profile page as well
If you are interested in developing a web page similar to the sample then send me an email on WebcamModelling.
Profile Page Enhanced
Click on the link to see the sample webpage. 
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