I will review your profile page and make suggestions for changes to make it more marketing friendly and helpful to visitors. Your profile page needs to be informative and helpful to the potential visitor to better understand and appreciate your worth.

This service is especially useful for models whose first language is not English that could do with some assistance to make their profile pages easier to read,understand and be more appealing to tippers.

I write in a conversational manner with an emphasis in using my marketing knowledge to make the information more informative and more easily understood by tippers.

The sections that I will review are:

1.When to watch me
2.My Diary - only the latest entry
3.More About Me  only the most recent entry
4.My Pictures
5.My Videos
6.My items for sale

If some sections are well done, i will not suggest any changes.  You can even look at this process as getting a second opinion of your profile information.

All this for a small investment of 50 tokens.  Is an effective profile page worth 50 tokens to you?

yes!! tip me on omgchat.  Use the offline feature of email to send me the 50 tokens. It will be the easiest way to make payment.

Review your profile page on WebcamModels

Due to the nature and the way the profile page is incorporated into OMGchat the profile page needs to be factual and help inform potential tippers about you and how you operate on OMGchat.  For that very reason I am offering my marketing skills to assist you.
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