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So you have come up with this brilliant idea to make money as a cam model.  But just having a great idea wont “sell” anything.  You have to make tippers want it.  You need good sales information.  This is commonly referred to as sales copy (also called a sales letter).  Sales copy is written to publicise and ultimately sell your idea to a tipper.  The sales copy can be used in an email, used in a blog or website, wherever you want to promote your new money-making concept.

But writing the copy and making the concept “sell” to your fans is not really just throwing a bunch of words together and hoping for the best.

You need to “sell the sizzle”. Those of you that subscribe to all my information will know what I am talking about.  Sell the sizzle is explaining your offer (idea) in such a way that a fan cannot wait to purchase it.

Here is an example of “sell the sizzle”

A cammodel has made a new video she wants to sell, but she doesn’t know about sell the sizzle and writes something like this

hey guys check out my new video under my profile page. It is a video of me fingering myself. Its hot hot hot. 
Now this message might make a few sales.

This next example is written by MaryMarks my fictional online cam model and she uses the sell the sizzle concept.

Hello handsome, wanted to share details of my new video with you.
This video was taken on a warm summers day while I was feeling pretty horny after a cam show.  Watch how I finger myself so hard and fast.  See if you can pick the EXACT moment that I cum.
I really want you to be the first to see it.  You can get the link to purchase on my profile page.
Don’t wait - get it now.
See you on cam soon.

Which of the two do you think has the potential to make more sales?

If writing copy and understanding sell the sizzle is not your thing, then you need to hire someone who can.  That’s where I can help you.  For years I have been selling the sizzle for products and service for companies, and yes I have even done it for several cam models from a range of sites.

If you want to explore the possibilities of how I can help you. Contact me so we can discuss the best ways to promote your brilliant idea.
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