Setting Up

A model needs to make sure that the cam view area is presented nicely.  Things such as dirty laundry, empty bottles and so on should not be in the cam view. What the tipper sees in the background needs to be visually appealing.
Really Happened:  I once stumbled into a cam girl, who was camming inside what appeared to be a food pantry.  She was surrounded by cans of soup and other stuff as well as a white sheet behind her that was not all that clean.   She sent me a private message I chatted to her briefly and she asked me why no one tips her!
Really Happened 2:  In contrast I visited another cam where the model was busy on a sybian, she was on the floor of her bedroom, the bed was nicely made and off in the corner on the righthand side was a chair with a guitar strategically place on it.  The whole cam view area created a nice ambience.
I bet you can work out which of the two made better tips.


A model needs to ensure that her microphone is working correctly.  Also make sure the background music is not drowning out the voice.  The music played by the model should be a reflection of her style.  Creating playlists regularly with music that will complement the cam show is important.  Also, if the model is listening to music she likes it will keep her in a playful mood. On WebcamModel website a model may have to compete with 3 other models to get her voice heard.  Therefore she has to get the sound just perfect.
If the models style is such that loud hard music is part of the market, then by all means ramp it up.


A model should spend time learning about the 3 point lighting technique.  Google the term 3 point lighting technique.
Lighting is so important, if the lighting is bad it makes the cam look grainy and the picture dark as well as making the model's skin look bad.

Placement of Computer and Cam

It is important for the model to place the computer reasonably close so she can read the chat in her room while she is being seductive.  A common practice by many models is to hook up a large screen TV to the computer making it much easier to read the main chat and IM chat.

Tools Nearby

Make the cam area a place a tipper would feel comfortable.

Keep all the tools of the trade (toys, lube, etc.) close by and ready to go.  This should be all set up and checked prior to camming

Perception is reality and nowhere is that more evident than what a tipper sees through a model's cam.

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