Social Media and Other Sources

Social media is a great way for a model to promote herself and attract new tippers.  Present yourself as human on social media, but do not divulge too much about private life. Keep the style of messages positive.  Use social media to build the brand name (model's ID).
NOTE: It is not my intention to go into the ins and outs of social media, you can sign up and study what you need to do. 
Make sure you follow their rules.
Make sure you follow the cam model website rules , if any, relating to social media
Sign up using your Model ID.  If it is already taken then use a name close to your ID (brand) name.


Using twitter a model can send out a message letting her followers know that she will be on cam soon, or what time she will be on cam.  Since not everyone is sitting in a cam site waiting for a certain model, this is a great way to let them know. Followers will be alerted in their email, their phones and on their twitter account.  Get other potential members in your community to follow you and share your page with other people your followers follow.
Twitter can also be used to develop the friendship and community aspect, by a model sharing information about her day, uploading photos and responding to tweets.


Instagram is one of the best places to share photos and videos easily.  You can even create live stories.  When you use Instagram make sure you use hashtags in your posts.  Follow other people as well.  Comment on others photos if you want to get noticed.


Snapchat is a great tool to help increase earnings.  It allows your fans to get a closer look into who you are.  You can provide custom content, and a means to chat.


Largest social media network.  Use facebook to keep up to date with friends.  A model's facebook page can be private.


Another avenue for a model to promote her brand name is to use a blog.  In its simplest form a blog is like an online diary.  Use blogging to chat about interests, hobbies or a range of issues.  Show your tippers another side of you.


Another alternative for a model to promote her brand is to develop a dedicated website.  A model should register and maintain a domain name using her cam model ID.

Maximize Social Media

Most models offer connection to social media for free.  They use these social media to interact with tippers and let them know when they will be on cam.
An alternative strategy would be to request tokens for a model's social media account that is locked. 
The model has to approve the tipper, her account is not open to the public.  This would make the model's account somewhat exclusive.
Another further option would be to sell access for a period of time like 3 6 or 12 months.  Lifetime access limits future income potential

Consider making social media exclusive by having a private account.
Allow access for a period of time, don't make it a lifetime purchase.
Present yourself as human on social media.

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