Split Camming

Split camming is broadcasting live on more than one webcam site at the same time.  It is not for everyone and it takes time to master.

Camming on more than one site can be profitable.  The downside to split camming can be difficult to manage multiple sites at once.  You have to maintain attention and chat with potential tippers simultaneously on many sites.

How to start

Select two cam sites that operate in a similar way with similar rules.
Work out how to navigate from one site to the other in an efficient and easy way.  Learn how to move in and out of each site.  Obviously, you don’t want to give a free show on one site when a tipper on another site tips.  You need to develop a system of how to handle such issues.

How to split cam

A. The hardware version may require using two monitors with each focused on a different website.  This process will help you to follow what is happening on each site.  This could also involve you having to use two cams as well as keyboard and mouse.  In short, you may need a full second computer system.

B. The software version uses software to slip camming and doesn’t require as much additional computer equipment.

If your primary site does not work well with split camming software you may have to use two cams.  If you do use two cams make sure they are different brands or different models of the same brand.  This is so the operating system of your computer can differentiate the two cams rather than cause a conflict that will stop both cams working.

Some types of software options are
Verysoft webcam splitter

Note:  I do not recommend any model using split camming unless they have between 6 to 12 months experience
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