Years ago, cam models were not developing their own target markets.  They didn’t have to, cause the medium was new.  Also, competition was nowhere as fierce and competitive as it is now. Their target markets developed over time, it happened more by accident than planning.  However today the competition is fierce and the number of sites accepting tokens has exploded.  A well-defined target market is more important and necessary than ever.

Target marketing is concentrating all marketing efforts on a specific and well-defined segment within a cam website.  This is the process that takes a model from being "just another set of boobs online" to a successful cam model.  It is the process of being a big fish (model) in a small pond, rather than a small fish in a big pond.  Research will help identify if the small pond is profitable as well as helping to develop the understanding of the particular market segment better.

Targeting a specific market does not mean you are excluding tippers who do not fit your criteria.  Target marketing allows you to focus your marketing and brand messages on a specific market that is more likely to tip you.

In developing a target market, I have now included a tutorial for cam models so that they can develop their own target market.  But make no mistake this takes work its not push a button and you have the answer.  A cam model has to work at it and do research.  The process I have outlined in the tutorial will make the whole thing easier and its written to help a cam model complete a target market profile in an easy to follow process.

This tutorial is only available within the premium section "access all".  To use the tutorial to create your own target market, send a message to me using the contact me link below.
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