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This information is generalized because so many cam sites do things in different ways when it comes to profile pages.  The information can be applied to not only profile pages but personal websites and personal blogs as well. 

For purposes of this discussion I will use the profile page to mean any form of profile page, web page or blog.  On some cam sites models have a predefined standard template that has to be used.  Some allow heavy modification and others allow links to other web pages or blogs.
As each cam site has it own rules the responsibility of including acceptable information rests with the cam model.
The model's profile page is the shop front of her business.  She uses it to promote what she has on offer.  The profile page is a high priority task for all models.
After the model's cam the most important marketing tool available is the profile page.  The quality of the profile page is a reflection of the models professionalism and an insight by tippers as to the quality of the model.

Remember: Perception is reality.
If the page looks cheap and nasty then the perception is the model will be cheap and nasty.
The standard layout as supplied by the cam site is more that adequate for a newbie. The standard profile page should be completed from day one of camming.
The model needs to be planning the design and layout of her profile page, that will be redesigned to reflect her personality, attitude, professionalism and as a marketing tool to sell other items like videos, photos and so on.

Some Problems and Big Mistakes

I have reviewed so many profile pages of various models that I sometimes see them in my sleep.
I see lots of profile pages with errors on them, including html and css coding errors.
Things like sections that do not line up, the scrolling text is difficult on the eyes because of the background and lots more.  Some are so poorly designed that the only way to read the text on them is to highlight the text with the mouse.

The most common mistakes I have seen on a range of profile pages web pages and blogs include

1.  The background design and the scrolling technique combined with the font used make it very difficult to read the text.
2.  Music playing in the background.  This is a definite no no.
3.  The font used is difficult to read.
4.  The pictures on the page are sub standard.
5.  The overall design is made up of static images and updating parts of it require designer input.
6.  Some pages look sickly sweet with an over use of graphics and pictures.
7.  Make sure all the important sections are included. I have seen a lot of profile pages that do not have the schedule included.  This should always be included.
8.  Some modified profile pages start off with a negative vibe.  The first thing listed in the about me section is the cam rules and they start off with negative comments like NO naked, NO toys NO requests.  That’s all well and good for cam rules but in marketing that is definitely the wrong way to start the page.  All it does is paint a very negative perception of the model.  Most tippers will not want to read more and hence probably will not visit the cam.  Include such comments about cam rules lower down the page.  The top part of the page should be warm, friendly and inviting.  Encourage the tipper to read more.
9.  This same comment applies to those pages that put wish lists and tip offline right at the top of the about me section.  Does that create the right perception?  Include them somewhere lower down the profile.
10.  Do not have all nude photos on the profile page.  Leave something to the imagination.  Lingerie can be far more alluring.  Head shots also help.
11.  Do not use friends or family to design a profile page, in the long run it just leads to unnecessary problems.

To Do:  Check to see how your profile page, website or blog rates in comparison to the issues above.

Marketing is making sure everything sells the brand name in the best possible way.
Profile page is a model's number one selling tool.

Perception is reality

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