I am amazed by the number of models that dont complete this section properly.  Its a helpful marketing tool to let your good tippers know when you will be on.

Some of the stuff I have seen in this section include

a. A colletion of some emotes that must have meaning to some secretive club, but most tippers would have no clue what it means.
b. Entries like yes. Thats great but not everyone can hang around all day waiting for you
c. Entries with an X. Now depending on a tippers background an X could be a yes or a no.

Ok I think you get the point. An entry on a day that has "no" is hopefully self explanatory  but a comment like "not camming today" is much clearer

Remember the purpose of your profile page its to give information about you to your current and potential tippers.

The watch me section has room for 20 characters (including spaces).  With that in mind you need to create times information that is relevant for when  you will be on cam.

Here are some examples

7am-11am Sydney Aust

3pm-9pm usa (PST) this is the west coast of usa, california etc

8pm-11pm usa (EST) this is the east coast of usa, New York etc. Most americans will understand 

5pm-7pm Spain time

6pm-9pm London time

these types of entries have greater meaning than just yes or just a time line such as 5am-9am.

Additional notes:
You may be hesitant to put in time zones with your specific country, if that is important to you find another country that has similar time zone and use that.

Just because you list certain times it does not mean you have to religiously follow that schedule. Sometimes life gets in the way of other plans.
What you are trying to establish on your when to watch me section is the MOST Likely time and day you will be on cam.


When to Watch Me

And remember the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Sexy)
Advanced Tip : When to watch me:

This advanced tip is to list the time frame your best tippers are online and assumes you can cam at those times.
here is an example, lets say you live in London and your best tippers live on the east coast of USA.  Instead of listing London times, list the time that your best tippers are online.  So the best time for your tippers might be say 8pm 11pm USA (pst). That is what you would enter into the watch me now field and NOT your local time. This makes it real easy for your top tippers to know when you are on.
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