Daily Work Flow

Daily Schedule

The first tool to implement is a daily schedule (calendar).  There are lots of free services that allow you to use an online calendar as well as stand alone programs.  I suggest using Google calendar as it has all the features a model needs.  Plus it is free.
MaryMarks over a period of time , using her research information, has developed a camming system whereby she cams three times a day at set intervals.  She then works around those times to take care of all the other tasks.  A typical MaryMarks day consists of
Review results from previous camming day.  Checking and sending emails. Updating social media (twitter etc.).
A two hour camming session with time for an session exit review.
A break rest, eat something, drink something.
Video and photo production, customised requests and any other money making concepts.  Development and refinement of sales information.  "Sell the Sizzle"
Another two hour camming session with time for a exit review
A break rest, eat something, drink something.
Market research, model research, marketing follow up with new and loyal tippers.
MaryMarks also uses the tasks list relating to the calendar to help with her formal planning processes of special events, such as independence day July 4th and so on.
Her calendar details are all set with a 10 minute reminder.  She also sync's her cell/mobile phone with the calendar.
There are times where the timing schedule will be disrupted because either the model is having a really profitable camming session or the camming is just too slow to stay on.
Important note:  The details outlined regarding the daily schedule is an example only.  There are no right or wrong answers for how much time to cam and how much to do other stuff.  Each model's requirements will be different.

Daily Log

This is the process of how a model records information for the day.  It includes a checklist of things before she starts camming.
The information includes
1. Token goal ( minimum) for camming session.
2. Theme for the session.
3. Outfit for the session.
4. Sex toys to use.
5. Topic details for the session.
6. Question of the day if dead air.
7. What to chat about.
8. Closing script notes.
9 Token summary including (completed at end of session)
* privates
* group sessions
* cam tips
* general tips
* total
** Sub total of top 10 tippers of the day (record each tipper individually).
This information is recorded and filed. By keeping a copy a model will find she will be referring to this information when planning other camming sessions in the future. depending on the site software most of this information will be recorded for you, but you should still review and record as over time it will give you a clear picture of what works for you. 

Closing Script

This is a very important step that some models overlook.
At the end of a camming session some just say, "good night hope to see you all tomorrow"
The closing script is the time a model uses her bestselling technique to get new tippers and existing tippers to return again.  Plus promote her content for sale and off line tips.
MaryMarks' closing script goes something like this
"Thank you all for a great night. I really had a lot of fun.  To all my friends I want to say thank you for your generosity.  To all the new visitors use the friends list section and add me to your friends list, I would love to see you back here again.
Do not forget my special video package its one of the best valued packages I have put together.  Also if you want something extra use the offline tip offer on my profile page.  Once again thank you all for a great night.  Be safe and I'll be here again tomorrow at 8PM USA central time"

As always this is an example, MaryMarks has modified it to her own words and she varies the actual detail.
The information that should be common in each script includes
Thank tippers.
Ask tippers to add her to their friends / fans list.
Highlight special offers.
Reminder of when next on cam.

Exit Review

Completing an exit review is the most important part of a models camming session.
It has to be completed every time a model cams.  An exit review is mandatory if a model wants to be successful.
It is done right after a camming session.  Not tomorrow, not later, straight after camming.
Yes I know the model is tired and just wants to go to sleep.  But putting this off for tomorrow or forget to do it, it is like throwing away tokens.
The exit review should take very long to complete.
The exit review contains three sections
What Worked Well.
What Worked Poorly.
Things to follow up.  This section has to be ticked off as completed as soon as possible.
This information needs to be recorded and not just committed to memory.  A model will learn a lot more from her mistakes by adopting this process.
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